Su's fav Williamsburg Spots

Su's fav Williamsburg Spots

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Here are some places Su loves in the neighborhood:

Beacon's Closet:

 A fantastic vintage store just a 10-minute walk from the guest house, offering great finds at affordable prices.

Forma Pasta Factory: Treat yourself to some delicious pasta at this local favorite, with an average price of $15 per dish.

McCarren Park Pool: Enjoy a refreshing swim at this community swimming pool, and the best part—it's free!

Williamsburg Thai Cuisine: Savor the flavors of Thai cuisine at this restaurant, with an average cost of $25 plus tips.

Northside Laundromat: Need to do laundry? This nearby laundromat offers washer and dryer facilities at an average cost of $4 per person.

Grocery and Pharmacy: There's a Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe's for groceries, and CVS and Duane Reade for pharmacy needs.

Williamsburg Bagel: 343 Roebling st, explore the authentic bagels from orthodox jewish community

Williamsburg Bagel: Explore the authentic bagels from the orthodox Jewish community at 343 Roebling St.

Fresh Kills: My fav cocktail bar in Grand St

Lions Milk or 7 Grain Army: Grab your brunch in these little cute shops! 

Xi’an Famous & Nan Xiang Express: Chinese food express, no tips required, average $15 per person for a meal. 

Marsha. P Johnson Park:My fav waterfront park, a great view of Manhattan city view. And they have a very cute beach and swings!


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